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October 2023


Amazing what a person can do with their own cellphones.

Gojagi, an indie film maker in the United States, created this fascinating short film about a boy sending a becon of hope into the future, for a BOT to then discover. The music is also brilliant, setting the mood throughout the entire short. And while it was recorded on a phone, I should mention that a lot of it was edited via Adobe's creative suite and Wonder Dynamics. Still, it goes to show how in the future, we all can become film makers.

"RELAY HOPE...A BOY from the past passes a baton of hope to a BOT from the future. A sci-fi short film by Mayank Mekala. Two days of shooting on an iPhone 14 Pro Max and an iPhone 12 Pro. 3D Character Effects were done using WonderDynamics (https://wonderdynamics.com/) and Adobe After Effects. The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Enjoy!"

September 2023


A gorgeous mixture of 2D and 3D elements, Desert-Mayhem Overdrive is a brilliant short film created and directed by Noah Cheruk and fully crafted by dozens of talented animation novices. What happens when you take Mad Max, cowboy westerns and all the best parts of indie animation? You get this. Definitely go support Noah in his awesome future endeavours. Brilliant charm, fantastic vibrancy and a strong personality.

When three allied gangs pillage their hometown, 3 brothers set out to steal their loot back as an act of justice.

July 2023

Components Ready 'Nintendo did this to me'

Components Ready is a sort of raunchy, crude and sometimes even saucy look into the world of video games through the perspective of Toby Dale, otherwise known online under his alias "DirectorToby". Toby has made content for YouTube for years now, and has often had unintentional viral hits throughout his career on the platform.

Although he hasn't posted regularly on his YouTube channel in years, we feel that this series, for as short as it is, deserves at least some of the recognition for making us laugh, inviting us into the perspective of Toby's mind and also, in many cases, creating something we'd likely see on late-night television. The sort of Adult Swim/4Later type stuff. Go give him your support and hopefully your love.

In this episode, Toby invites us into his childhood, how Nintendo impacted him as a youngin during the 90s, as well as delving slightly into why video games are so impactful to this day. In the next episode, he also takes a deep dive into pornographic content in video games and also has a little cheeky delve into the sub-culture.ย 

June 2023

Ultima Gaming - 6/5/23

VGx7 is a close friend of ours, so we thought we'd give him a bit of a spotlight here as well. Tired of the mundane video game review shows you see on YouTube? Ultima Gaming rekindles that classic eccentric gaming TV show aesthetic into a neatly tied episode of reviews and thoughts by Hunter Ginn.

If you happen to be missing "X-Play" or those other gaming review shows, definitely give Ultima Gaming a shot, you will not regret it.

May 2023

Billy's Toon Times - Haunted House Hijinks

Zoinks, Sco- oh wait, wrong show.

BillyBCreations, a creator known for his "Billy's Toon Times" series has released a sweet homage to Scooby Doo in this spook-thrilled and filled romp. Can the boys catch the ghosts and save the mansion? Guess you'll have to watch and find out! A superb and awesome animation, definitely go and check out the rest of Billy's other work.

Not sure why the sheep is pink though.

'Zoinks! After being mistaken for ghost hunters, the boys are tasked with hunting some ghosts in an old house. Can they catch them?'

April 2023


Gorgeous new animated film from over 160 highly skilled artists!

Based on the comics by Iron Circus, this animated short film involves cats, guns and prohibition in the Roaring 20's. If you have read The Great Gatsby or really, anything set in the 20s, this will feel right at home. Reminds us strongly of Cats Don't Dance and it wears it in strides! Short films like this show us that indie animation has got a lot of heart and soul put into it, and deserves more credit and attention.

Go watch the entire thing, we assure you it's a film well deserving of awards.

"It's 1927 and Prohibition is the law of the land. For Rocky, Freckle and Ivy, the night shifts are never dull."

March 2023

Rat Snacks

An award winning short from Anko6theAnimator, Rat Snacks is a chaotic, energetic, refreshing and dare we say, cheesy short, about Brian, his sandwich, and his fear of rats.

Definitely go and check out this short, you won't regret watching it, it won many awards from many different institutions, such as "Best Canadian Film" by the Canadian Cinematography Awards and "Perfect Combo Outrageous Comedy Award" by Los Angeles Animation Festival! That's why it is our Featured Bit for March 2023.

"Follow Brian in his quest to overcome his fear of rats! ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿง€ My thesis film for Sheridan College's Bachelor of Animation program." - Antony Kos

February 2023

the entire history of cartoon network, i guess.

Ever wanted to know the history of the world's first dedicated cartoon channel? Well this video is for you.

AmusingLuis has produced this fantastic condensed summary of the Cartoon Network, in a somewhat similar style to that of Bill Wurtz. From the shift from classic cartoons, to the inevitable mergers that would reshape the network today, go check this video out and subscribe to his channel, he makes really awesome retrospectives as well!

January 2023

Apples and Dogs - Act 1

"Apples and Dogs is an solo animated pilot I made during the quarantine about a shape-shifting fox hiding his true identity in a town of dogs" - Franco Chamorro

We originally featured this way back on our Twitter, and it's now finally out. Well, Act 1 anyway. Go give him some Iox-endorsed hugs. <3

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