Featured Bits

A brand new hub that lets you, the viewer, discover new creators you otherwise wouldn't have thought to find. Animators, indie film makers and all forms of creators welcome.

Apples and Dogs - Act 1

"Apples and Dogs is an solo animated pilot I made during the quarantine about a shape-shifting fox hiding his true identity in a town of dogs" - Franco Chamorro

We originally featured this way back on our Twitter, and it's now finally out. Well, Act 1 anyway. Go give him some Iox-endorsed hugs. <3

What is Featured Bits?

Being small sucks. You are stuck with a measly small audience, your work goes unnoticed, you feel like you aren't going places and often, you feel like you want to call it quits.

Hell, you're inspired by the sheer craft of what people do on TV and film. Your dream is to be one of them one day. But no matter, there's no place to turn to when, say, that dream gets crushed by the inevitable.

This is where Iox's brand new hub, Featured Bits, comes into play. We're looking for both small and moderately sized creators to use this hub as a means to showcase their work. Whether it's a small short film, an entire series or even just you, yourself and other friends making something in your own living room, we want to feature it and put it here.

How do I (or someone else I know) get involved?

You might be thinking it's hard to get your stuff on the Featured Bits playlist, when in fact that couldn't be further from the truth.

If you have Discord, join the Iox Discord and show us your stuff through the "Upload Hub", in #blogs or even in our DMs! We're always open to giving your stuff that spotlight, and this should be a celebration of all things you create.

However, if Discord's not your forte, our Twitter DMs are always open, ready to take on your suggestions and work.

What do I get in return?

Uhhh, our sweet and unbridled love?

Okay, well, maybe we don't reward you for being on this page, but we will promote your stuff on the Iox Twitter page and on our YouTube as well. But if you're really good, it's possible we may even reward you to some $$$, out of our own pockets.

Again, this page is mainly created to give creators an extra boost in watchers, but we're open to adding even more opportunities to be seen. Stay tuned and plugged in.