Submission requirements:

Iox Upload could not be possible without rules in place.

* Be viewed: When you use to submit your material, people, new and/or pre-existing, will be able to view it worldwide via Iox's channels online and your work may end up re-broadcast on Iox's digital streaming channels.

* Be over 13: You have to be 13 or over to take part in Iox Upload.

* Be free: Your submission must primarily focus entirely on your own work (or in the case of review, news reporting, teaching and/or other subsets of Fair Use usages, your own critique and outlook on a pre-existing property) and free from any third party copyrights that may cause infringement. Please do not use any form of unedited and raw copyrighted material (e.g: copyrighted music/film footage/sound recordings, etc.) unless you are using it to review.

* Be worry-free: You are only licensing and permitting the usage of your video to Iox and you will still retain ownership of your work, we'll even credit you in the description and tags of any uploaded material on Iox's digital channels. Iox will only be able to use the content to share under these conditions.

* Be unsigned (or signed with permission): If you are signed with a record label or music publisher, you must contact the record label, publishing company and/or collecting society about the usage of your material on an external third party channel (in this case, Iox). Otherwise, please refrain from using any material that exists primarily of ownership of these third party groups. You are responsible for the content used in your material, not Iox.

* Be clean: Experiment, try new things, but obviously don't go too far. Any graphically obscene, libellous, abusive and/or offensive material can breach your permission to upload on the channels.

* Be sure: Before you submit any content to the Iox Upload form, you must be granted permission of anyone who features within your work and that they also meet the requirement of being over 13. Otherwise, they have the right to deny any involvement of your work.

* Be happy: By uploading your work, you agree to the conditions set out below, under "Here's the legal bit."

* Be accessible!: It's strongly encouraged to include subtitles (Closed Captions) in your content so that not only are you catering for our disadvantaged viewers, but also to allow Iox to get recommended more often to new viewers.

Need some help?

Message any one of the main iox staff members on our Discord.

Don't have Discord?

Step 1: Make your content

iox is driven by your creations, your talents, it is essentially YOUR network to experiment (within reason, of course)

Simply film, animate and/or repost one of your creations. Adhere to the submission requirements first, so that you aren't breaking any of them when you submit. 

Step 2: Package your content

You've created the video content you're about to publish and send away, but wait! There's still one part that makes it an iox upload: the branding!

Inside the form, you will find iox branding elements, such as the thumbnail, on-screen graphic, intros and outros. Without them, we can't publish the video. Don't worry, we'll place them in the video if you have seemingly forgot or are unaware, but to save us the trouble, it is advised you place them in the videos themselves.

Step 3: Deliver your content

Once it has been "packaged", the file itself is sent off to our Upload team, where we review every piece of content we receive.

If we really like it, it'll get posted to our channel(s) online, and you will be credited for posting the content itself. If we have a fair bit of criticism for it, we'll let you know via our iox Discord, which you should join as it lets us have direct contact with you regarding feedback.

Step 4: Wait a bit and see.

If all goes to plan, you should see your video appear on the iox channel typically between Wednesdays and Saturdays at 23:00 GMT (or at 6/5p C in America). You can also let us know when you want it published by contacting us directly.

However, if we haven't responded back to you regarding your content, please let us know as soon as possible, potentially 48-72 hours of submission.

Coming soon: A new way to get paid. iox+.

iox+ aims to give creators, outside or within iox, a chance at funding their own original productions, either through directly supporting creators via our new subscription model, or via ads which'll run and support the platform for months to come.

Earn perks, access our inexpensive creator tools and subscribe directly to your favourite creators monthly. And best of all? It all starts at $0*. More details will be revealed soon, but to make sure you don't miss out, follow @ioxPlus on Twitter and keep checking back at for more information.

Here's the legal bit:

These content submission conditions apply, alongside the IOXIDE Privacy Policy, from the moment the user has accessed the form and filled out to which you have agreed to be bound by virtue of your use of Iox ("IOXIDE")'s online services ("Pages")

You must be 13 or over to submit content. If you are under 13 years of age you confirm that you have the consent of your parent / guardian to use your Material in accordance with these submission conditions.

By using the Upload Form (""), You agree that IOXIDE has the right to transmit your photo(s), animation(s), video clip(s), sound recording(s), or other material(s) uploaded by you (your "Material") on IOXIDE's main digital content channels (branded on-screen as "Iox") and on any other media whether now known or known in the future, including without limitation IOXIDE operated websites and channels (the “Pages”) in perpetuity and gratis, unless given permission or order to cease all association with your Material. 

IOXIDE, through also has the right to utilise, host, store, copy, distribute, modify, edit, incorporate into other material, and/or otherwise treat in any way your Material at your own discretion with and/or without any payment to You, the sole owner of your Material(s). By using this form, you are granting permission for Iox ("IOXIDE") to use your material in relation to these rights.

If, upon request payment is necessary, IOXIDE will attempt to find ways of funding and outsourcing funds to help cover costs of equipment and resources, no less than 10% of the cuts received through advertising or donations through support of its viewer base.

You warrant that you are the sole and exclusive creator, author and owner of your Material, and no one else has any right to your Material, including in any underlying copyrights such as music, footage, artwork and other material. You warrant that you have obtained all rights, permissions and licences necessary for Ioxide to use your Material as anticipated by these Submission Conditions, unless you are following Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, specifically within Fair Use law.

You must ensure that nothing in your Material infringes any trade mark or copyright or otherwise violates anyone's right of privacy or publicity, or contains anything that is defamatory or offensive.

You must ensure that your Material is free from any lien or claim by anyone, including, but not limited to any union, guild or performance rights society.

IOXIDE reserves the right to restrict access to user content ("Material") on any of its digital channels and services ("Pages") at any time. Creators will still have the option to distribute their Material(s) individually without Iox brand association (i.e: on their own channels, social media, etc.) if upon a breach.

You agree to indemnify and hold IOXIDE harmless from any claims, suits, losses (whether foreseeable or not), damages and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that arise from any breach of these submission conditions regarding your Material.

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