Want to pitch your project?

Join our Discord and check out the #pitches channel to post your pitch, as well as find others you may be interested in seeing.

Don't have Discord?

What do I need to pitch my show to iox?

Where do I put my pitch document/bible?

If you are on the Iox Discord, you can post your pitch document in the new dedicated #pitches channel

Is there any other way to pitch a show besides using pitch bibles/documents?

Well, ideally, having a pitch document/bible is wise to at least have for presenting your show to other associates.

But if a show is really good based on just a few short lines, we'll accept that as well. Remember, we're looking for quality.

What happened with the Upload form?

Effective immediately, iox will no longer be accepting submissions for the "iox Upload" form.

iox has used the Upload form as a way for creators to post their content directly to iox, and while this has given us modest successes such as pundone's Disregards to KingSurren's Eye See Red, we feel that this is rare given how many submissions we have to constantly pass up on, whether that's down to a lack of quality or potentially just content we think doesn't fit the iox brand, we feel that the current model of iox feels unsustainable and lacks quality control.

We want iox to be your platform, we want you to help build a stronger independent platform and community that others can look up to and use as a stepping stone towards their dream project, democratizing your art rather than just being portrayed as a run-and-dump channel with no charisma. 

That is why, controversially, we are closing the Iox Upload form in favour of a new dedicated Pitches channel on our Discord. We feel that this will be better for new and/or already pre-existing creators to pitch their ideas onto the channel and have a better level of quality control, as well as giving creators more feedback and criticism to improve their work, rather than them uploading to the form and hoping their content gets posted to the platform. And best of all, you have as much power as we do. It's your iox and YOU make it.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see your ideas brought on board over on our Discord.

This page will soon be updated with advice and helpful tips on how to pitch your project to iox.

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