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What is a pitch?

Simply put, a pitch is a recorded documentation and/or presentation for a specific idea that you and/or your group may be wishing to present. This could be in the form of a film, web series, comics or any other sort of multimedia facet you can think of. It essentially demonstrates the main ideas of your big idea.

Don't worry, it's not as stressful as you might think it is, but it's good to keep in mind that doing this will help others get the jist of your big idea and why it is interesting enough for us to bring on board.

What do I need to pitch my show to iox?

What are the don'ts of a pitch?

In terms of don'ts, it's important to take these considerations to heart:

Don't be too vague: Your pitch should demonstrate and show a clear and concise synopsis of the story, tone, characters and overall direction you want to take. Avoid falling into the trap of making your pitch too general and broad, as it makes it harder for us to understand your vision.

Don't oversell: We all want to make our own project that inevitably gets big or have a decent audience, but you need to keep in mind that you should be 100% confident in your proposal. Please sway away from using any buzzwords or exaggerated claims as it might make your project feel insincere and/or unrealistic.

Remember your audience: You are making this project for a specific audience. A niche. A demographic. When making a film, series or other forms of media, you need to consider what the audience wants out of the idea, maybe something they haven't seen before or something that'll make them relate to your ideals. Understandably, failing to realise this can result in a pitch that doesn't resonate and connect with anyone.

Don't ignore the competition: We all make similar or identical ideas, but what makes your idea special? What makes it stand out from the crowd of other series or films? Failing to consider this can result in a pitch that feels ingenuine, unprepared and naïve. Please take notes before you dive into the deep end.

Don't neglect the logistics (timelines, budgets, etc): Making, producing and directing a project is hard, but it's even harder to ignore what goes into making them. Ignoring anything, when it comes to budgets, production, roadblocks or anything that may cause trouble further down the line can cause the project to inevitably fall apart. No one wants to go back to square one and re-do everything, so why waste precious hours diving head first without a helmet?

Where do I put my pitch document/bible?

If you are on the Iox Discord, you can post your pitch document in the new dedicated #pitches channel.

Is there any other way to pitch a show besides using pitch bibles/documents?

Well, ideally, having a pitch document/bible is wise to at least have for presenting your show to other associates.

But if a show is really good based on just a few short lines, we'll accept that as well. Remember, we're looking for quality.

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