Iox After Dark

Bit twisted? Sure. Experimental? Definitely.

Eye See Red

Eye See Red is a fascinating drama mini-series created by Suren A, about the loss of a brother & the downhill spiral into darkness. A sudden but mysterious sudden death in Tyler's family occurs, as when he returns home, it leaves him scared & traumatized. Ultimately his inability to grieve properly when he was unable to protect his brother Nathan from being murdered. Which was due to his lack of awareness, & has now left him with many deep scars. As he struggles to grief from the past, & balance his relationship with his father, & best friend Jason, the disappearance of his mother, along with the appearance of a RED like entity with some sort of connection to his past, begins to make his life a living hell.

Tom News Network

Thanks, Tom. Tom News Network is a sarcastic, ramshackle comedy series where every news correspondent, including the crew, are all called Tom. If they aren't, well that's false misleading information, isn't it?

Created by MarbleStudioNetwork: