Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers. Let's answer the obvious ones first.

What is Iox?

It's a channel that's fueled by the user.

What we mean is that the channel is fully user-created, down to it's user-generated content and voice.

Filmmakers, animators, reporters and every other kind of creator out there - The user is the very soul of iox and what keeps it going. Encouraging all kinds of creativity, and setting no limits. Whatever you want to make is up to you.

TL;DR: It's essentially a channel anyone can upload to.

Why should I join Iox and/or upload my stuff to it?

Uploading to any video sharing site is unpredictable. There's a chance that no one will ever see your content on your own channel and sometimes you wish you didn't need to rely on soon-to-be-outdated trends just to stay relevant.

Hell, you could be making amazing short films or animations but no one is there to see it!

Iox cuts out the middle man of growing your viewership and directly points you to an already growing audience of Iox viewers, looking for new content to discover or even new content to create.

Can I help fund Iox and some of my favourite creators on it?

Yes. We do have an Iox fund that can support creators if they need an extra push to fund their projects, and we're always open to people asking for money through this. However, we can only go so far with the funds we have if people are willing to fund Iox and see it succeed.

Hence why we have a Patreon and Ko-fi if you wish to support us currently. By doing this, you get a shiny Supporters role on our Discord and a special chat.

How can I join Iox?

It's really easy to join Iox, even a caveman could do it*:

1. Go to, click the big yellow "Upload" button.
2. Fill out the Google Form, selecting which type of content you would like to post onto Iox.
3. After you have filled out the form, be sure you add metadata (such as tags, descriptions, thumbnails, etc.)
4. Within hopefully 24-72 hours of your submission, we'll review it and then publish it onto the Iox channels. We may ask you further questions about the content if something seems off and/or may have forgotten certain things.


1. Join Iox's Discord at, type "-agree" to verify yourself.
2. Start uploading your already published videos, photography, audio/podcasts and streams

*Iox stole this joke from GEICO Insurance. Please don't sue us, we can't bare risk losing 15% or more!

Where can I find Iox?

You can find Iox on a multitude of platforms, including, but not limited to:



What types of content aren't allowed on Iox?

Well, being that we are a creatively driven channel, any type of content is allowed, so long as it isn't:

🤢 Too sickening.

🔞 Sex-related activities (so, porn or hentai essentially)

©️ Copyrighted material.*

📣 Too political or "woke"

⏰ Not long enough. (5-6 seconds isn't enough for an Iox video, for example)

📚 Breaking the Terms of Service (ToS) or Guidelines of certain video sharing and/or social media sites.

It's best to review your content if you are concerned that your media may be breaking one of these rules. We're open to giving advice if you need it.

*If you have asked for strict permission for the material to be used in your media, you must inform the copyright holders about the republication of your content before you post it for Iox. Alternative tracks and material may be suggested otherwise. You can obviously deny republications of your material if you feel unsure or inable to contact them.

You can find these questions and more in the Iox Discord.